West Carrollton Real Estate If you're curious about life as a Pirate

    Hi folks! Below you’ll find some information about the city of West Carrollton! If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to email or call us!

    • Location: West Carrollton is located next to Miamisburg and Moraine. Exit 47 on I-75 will lead you to Central Avenue, and that runs right through the middle of town! Here’s a link to Google Maps showing West Carrollton!
    • Schools: Children start out at Walter Shade Early Childhood Center, then progress to one of the four elementary schools CF Holliday Elementary, Frank Nicholas Elementary, Harold Schnell Elementary, or Harry Russell Elementary. After that, they head to West Carrollton Middle School, and finally West Carrollton High School. West Carrollton is home of The Pirates! If you’d like to know more about the schools, check out this site!
    • Restaurants: If you’re a fan of Mexican food, you should totally check out El Meson! West Carrollton is also home to Holly’s Diner, and Ele’ Cakes. In addition, you can also find Buffalo Wild Wings, Sonic, Subway, Hot Head Burritos, and more in this city!
    • Fun: The West Carrollton YMCA is terrific! Wilson Park is home to the local swimming pool, The West Carrollton Public Library has tons of activities and a good selection of books, there is fishing to be had just downstream of the dam on the Little Miami River, and the bike path is easily accessed right next to the river! Also, The Dayton Mall is just up 741, along with a lot of other fun stuff.

    For further information, check out this link to the official city website! If you have any questions about available houses, don’t hesitate to call The Ryan Riddell Group at (937)865-0100!